Top 5 Water Sports in Berlin


Whether you live here currently or perhaps are planning a trip to the capital, Berlin has several excitement activities in Berlin and its surrounding areas ready for you to create your time in this particular city unforgettable! In the community itself, for instance, you are able to go kite boarding on land, or perhaps solve a murder with the assistance of a CSI agent, and paddle from the narrow waterways of New Venice. In the countryside the Spreewald, Exactly where do you locate these crazy, unforgettable enjoyable activities in Berlin and also the surrounding area? We’ll talk about them all with you in this article! Now let’s check top 5 water sports in berlin.

  • Paddling through channels in Neuvenedig

Venice, just half an hour out of the middle of Berlin?! This particular place is really directly on the outskirts of Berlin, within Köpenick. The little stretch of water between the city and Müggel and Dämmeritz Lake is even more idyllic than Venice. Here you get 6 channels almost totally to yourself and have a good quiet drive without the sound of the huge city.

  • Houserunning

Could you imagine being protected against the side area of a home, staring down to the ground, held only by a steel cable and after that running down? You probably have not seen the world from that angle before! From the roof of a house down to the earth floor, you walk down along the wall until you get to the ground – you really get a spin tingling feeling here! This adventure is called Houserunning, and is simply the little brother, or maybe precursor, to bungee pouncing.

  • Bungee jumping

In Berlin as well as the surrounding area you will find various locations that you can elect to go bungee jumping. In some you are able to also select a dip in which means you plunge into the water – once again, that takes a lot of courage! And do not worry: Dip ins are only available at heights that are certain, you will not be tremendously high up! A place that is great to visit is in the middle of Berlin in which you plummet on the Park Inn Hotel at Alexanderplatz. You will get an excellent view over Berlin for totally free!

  • Kite landboarding on Tempelhof Field

The great part of the former Tempelhof Airport is perfect for a number of activities which require a straight, flat surface. You are able to go roller blading, fulfill upwards with friends for a picnic, or perhaps go kite landboarding. Never learned of it? Then it is time, because this’s a great sport that can be discovered right here inside Berlin! Basically, kite surfing is just transferred from the ocean on the ground. As it is still a bit of a dangerous sport before you begin you become equipped with a headgear and padding security.

  • Stand up paddling rental in Berlin

Our stand up paddle board is already waiting for you! Do you long for freedom and relaxation on the water? Then rent your SUP easily and stress free. The best equipment, at attractive locations, easily and quickly booked online – this is precisely how SUP rental works today! You can get your high-quality touring board (for beginners and professionals) including accessories after booking with the mobile phone of yours from the station yourself – easy, contemporary and reliable.

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