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Split With Children: Top Five Things To Do

We like to say that Split is an ideal destination for family vacations, because every generation can find something to enjoy. Of course, things are always easier in summer, because the sea and the beach are common ways to spend time on vacation. However, how to entertain children in Split during other seasons, when going to the beach is not an option, or when it rains at the end of spring that surprises us? I just met a nice Finnish family. They traveled from the north to enjoy the Mediterranean, but they were greeted by a heavy rain. These are some of the solutions I have provided you in a completely random order.


1-Marjan Hill has always been an attractive solution. Almost in the city center, but isolated from the world, as if being in a certain place in the countryside. I have a blog about everything Marjan has to offer, trust me; there is no better way to spend quality time with your family in Split. Rent a bicycle or walk to enjoy the view from some of the forest park’s viewpoints, which is also one of the most important signs of the city.


2 -It is also fun for adults to explore Split’s rich heritage, and it can also be attractive to young children. You just need to press the correct button. Last summer, I led an American family whose ten-year-old son was a real expert in the Roman Empire. He likes to browse monuments, read Latin inscriptions or Roman numerals very much. Take your child to the underground buildings of Diocletian’s Palace, they look like an ancient dungeon. Show them the Sphinx and invent a game to avoid getting lost in the old town that looks like a maze. Teach them to guess the current time by looking at the old 24-bit city clock (once you figure out how to do it). Look for emblems of noble families in ancient palaces, etc. There are many things that may interest you. One of them must be the greetings of Emperor Diocletian and his wife Priska, which is played on the main square of the Peristil Palace at noon every day throughout the summer.


3- If the museum in Split can be more adapted, it would be great for children, but there is always something to make them interesting. The Ethnographic Museum is one of the good choices. You can learn about the real life of Split and Dalmatia in the past, rather than ancient works of art or handicrafts. A good choice is also the Split City Museum, where there are many exhibits from Split’s past. Of course, if your child is not a true museum lover, you can get close to Froggyland, a unique stuffed frog series with a human background. It’s a strange display, but most kids are crazy about it.

4-How about leaving Split? You don’t have to go far, just visit the ruins of the ancient city of Salona. There, the rules are the same as when visiting Diocletian’s Palace. It’s hard to find a child who doesn’t like listening to the voice of gladiators, or the ancient Romans who don’t like to wear robes and don’t like to walk through their city 2000 years ago. On the way to Salona (or back to Split), you can also stop at the picturesque fishing village of Vranjic. There, you must visit the largest aquarium in Croatia, which contains fish from the Adriatic and other waters of the world, including real sharks.

5-Last but not least, why not let your child play? In all the neighborhoods of Split, you will find playgrounds. They are also in larger hotels, some of which are located in shopping centers. Not to mention, even without swimming, the beach can be a fun place. When it’s there, it’s enough for the children to play alone. Of course, you will pay attention, but Split is generally a safe place. This option brings another advantage; your child will most likely find new friends. They may not speak the same language, but the language of the game is universal.


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