Mobile Phone Tracker : Trail Everyone Whenever you can.

You’ve read about this in Grishams, you’ve seen it in the movies-the crooks glue a chip somewhere in the nice guy’s car, and they know exactly where he’s going cell phone tracker. But there is a constant gave cell phone tracking a thought as something commercially viable.

Well, not just are they now on the market but they can be create in as less as several minutes. So now we never need to lose a cell phone to a thief again. Technology never ceases to amaze.

It’s pretty straightforward, really. A cellular phone must keep in touch with one of the base-towers, to function. GSM technology identifies this tower, thereby narrowing down the cell phone user’s location to the location in which this tower operates ios phone tracker. This might be to an accuracy of 35 to 50 meters in urban areas, but less precise in rural areas where base stations are found at wider intervals. While such accuracy might be sufficient to find an automobile, locating a cell phone in a good 35 meter radius might be tricky.

Another drawback might be that cellular phone tracking works only once the cell phone is receiving a sign from a tower, so if it’s powered down, it can’t be located.

Tracking technology can be network-based, utilizing the service provider’s network to track, like in methods such as for instance triangulation. It may even be handset based (this would require the installation of software, like GPS, in the users’ handset), or even a hybrid of both these technologies.

However, this technology can strictly be used only with the permission of the owner of the tracked phone. Since possibilities of violation of the user’s privacy are high, ethics dictate that such locating be allowed only with his express and unequivocal consent.

Most of the newer cell phone are inbuilt with a GPS system, which may be a bit more expensive, but is a lot more accurate. Interestingly, this may be used to upload the user’s most recent location to an internet site, which can be accessed by his friends or family.

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