5 Best Water Sports Activities in Puno


Puno (Spanish pronunciation: [ňąpuno]) is a location in southeastern Peru. It’s bordered by Bolivia on the east, the Madre de Dios Region within the north. along with also quite famous for its ideal water sports. Its capital is the city of Puno, that will be situated on Lake Titicaca from the geographical region noted because of its water sports also! Now let’s check top 5 water sports in puno.

1 Uros and Taquile Islands on Fast Boat

Learn the rural peace of the Taquile and Uros Islands on an enriching full-day excursion from Puno. Cruise the shimmering waters of Lake Titicaca, the world’s top lake, and invest several leisurely extra time investigating the wonderful islands. Marvel at the magnificent floating islands, made totally of reeds, as you wander and observe locals try the daily business.

2 An adrenaline dip

When you’ve skirted the lake, it’s time to find yourself in its cold waters. And what a great way to get it done than by sailboat or kayak. 2 adventure sports which enable you to obtain round the tranquil waters of the lake and get to know the Uros, our society which lives combined with the floating destinations of Titicaca.

3 Lake Titicaca

The shimmering bluish waters of Lake Titicaca are home to the popular, man-made Floating Islands of Uros. These destinations and the dwellings of theirs, which date straight to a pre-Incan time, exist completely from totora reeds, an indigenous bulrush place that may grow in the lake. With a guided trip, get to know the dwellers which have formed a tiny neighborhood and learn how these islands stay afloat. During the evening, visit the island of Amantani and experience the initial culture of the locals.

4 Kayaking by The Uros Island

Begin the road kayaking on the fantastic Lake Titicaca, rowing one hour and thirty minutes approx. In route in which you can discover gorgeous landscapes, a selection of wildlife, the attractiveness of the flora as well as fauna, as well as an island of rock development (Foroba Island, popularly called Devil’s Island). Coming to the Uros, the manual describes the trip on the island, you then definitely are going to have time that’s free to savor it, visit the family house, as well as get photographs.

5 Uros Floating Islands

You are going to be ready to understand the animals and also plants that we’ve within the Uros. Then you’ll are able to savor a fantastic ride on the totora raft designed to help you move to one more floating island! They constructed large mats of the regional totora reeds (which they likewise use to make almost anything the usage), and also fixed sail within the planet’s greatest navigable lake.

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